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Parliamentary debates and questions

S5W-10165: Annie Wells (Glasgow)

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

Date lodged: 4 July 2017

To ask the Scottish Government what plans it has to make the recording of reliable data by NHS boards on where mental health patients are being treated a statutory requirement.

Answered by: Maureen Watt 15 August 2017

Scottish Government expects Health Boards and Integration Authorities to ensure adequate mental health care and treatment is available for their populations. This applies to community and hospital treatment. Generally these are provided as locally as possible within the Board / Authority area but there are exceptions where people are treated out of area. The reasons for out of area treatment are generally to allow access to highly specialist regional or national treatment tailored to specific individuals. For inpatients there are occasions where patients require admission out of area due to temporary bed unavailability but attempts are always made to minimise this.

Out-patient activity is reported by ISD. Inpatient activity is also subject to regular ISD reporting and an annual moment-in-time census. Health Boards wishing to use non NHS Scotland NHS beds access these through the National Services Division of NHS NSS who monitor these placements. Health Boards may also wish to use private non NHS facilities but they are not required to report this use on an on-going basis. The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland is informed of all detained patients and detention certificates include information on the site of admission. Cross Border transfers of detained patients are subject to Ministerial approval.

Beyond this data collection Scottish Government does not intend making the recording of data by NHS Boards on where mental health patients are being treated a statutory requirement.