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Parliamentary debates and questions

S5W-08106: Jackie Baillie (Dumbarton)

Scottish Labour

Date lodged: 15 March 2017

To ask the Scottish Government what plans it has to provide more detailed occupational data that includes (a) STEM sectors, (b) growing industries and (c) part-time employees.

Answered by: Keith Brown 28 March 2017

There are already various sources of published official statistics by occupation, industry and work-pattern for Scotland, published by the Scottish Government and the Office for Nationals Statistics via Examples of these are as follows:

Scottish Government Publications

Relevant Scottish Government published statistical tables, relating to employment by occupation, industry and work pattern in Scotland are listed below

Regional Employment patterns in Scotland- Local Authority Tables

Table 1.23: Proportion and level of people in employment (aged 16+) by occupational group (SOC 2010) and gender, Scotland, 2004-2015

Table 1.24: Proportion and level of people in employment (aged 16+) by occupational group (SOC 2010) and local authority, Scotland, 2004-2015

These tables will be updated with 2016 data in May 2017

Gender pay gap by occupation

Table 2.7: Gender Pay Gap – Median Full-Time Hourly Earnings by Occupation (SOC) 2011-2016

This table will be updated for 2017 in October 2017

Growth Sector Statistics

Note also that the Scottish Government publishes a wide range of economic and business statistics, including total employment, for the growth sectors at:

Office for National Statistics Publications

Official estimates of employment by Occupation for Scotland for Ethnic Group by occupation of employment; Occupation major group of employment; Occupation sub-major group of employment are available at:


Data on levels, distribution and make-up of earnings and hours worked for employees in Scotland, by gender and full-time/part-time status in all occupations (according to SOC codes) are also published by the Office for National Statistics at:

The Scottish Government holds official sources of labour Market Statistics including both; the Annual Population Survey and the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings data sets. We monitor the relevance of Labour Market statistical outputs for Scotland against customer needs through various mechanisms including engagement with external stakeholder through SCOTSTAT and we will develop and produce new statistical outputs and analysis where possible and required.