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Parliamentary debates and questions

S5W-05519: Alison Johnstone (Lothian)

Scottish Green Party

Date lodged: 13 December 2016

To ask the Scottish Government what quality assurance processes will be in place to monitor the quality of support offered by the (a) Work First and (b) Work Able Scotland programme.

Answered by: Jamie Hepburn 20 December 2016

For Work First Scotland (WFS) the Scottish Government have designed a robust performance management framework to ensure that key performance indicators (KPIs) are met, providing quality of support to all customer. Key products and tools have been developed to assist in the performance management activity. WFS Service Providers will be subject to monthly random sampling of customer case files, observation visits and deep dives to ensure that the KPIs are being achieved and that the service is delivered consistently across the programme for all Customers. Any areas requiring to be addressed will be monitored through performance management reviews and improvement activities.

For Work Able Scotland (WAS) Skills Development Scotland, who are contract managing WAS on behalf of the Scottish Government, have a set of quality standards which are designed to help assess the extent to which Service Providers deliver quality provider services which are focused on the needs of Customers and employers. The Service Provider is required to meet minimum standards and take action as set out in the SDS Quality Management Framework to achieve improvements over the contract period. This framework supports Skills Investment Advisors in their contract management role to review and analyse monthly performance information and discuss in detail with the Service Provider any concerns they have regarding performance, gaining an understanding of what has been successful in progressing Customers into a positive destination and identifying what is not working in terms of negative destinations.