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Parliamentary debates and questions

S5W-03901: Liam McArthur (Orkney Islands)

Scottish Liberal Democrats

Date lodged: 20 October 2016

To ask the Scottish Government how much funding it provided to projects supporting women offenders in the community, other than community justice centres, in each year since 2011-12.

Answered by: Michael Matheson 17 November 2016

This funding is in addition to the £99.3 million p.a. which is distributed through the CJAs for the delivery of Criminal Justice Social Work (CJSW) services and programmes to reduce reoffending. Each CJA is responsible for determining what funding goes to each Local Authority or other service within their area, in order to deliver statutory CJSW services and respond to local priorities, this will include the delivery of services to support women offenders.

The 218 Centre in Glasgow has also been funded separately from mainstream community justice budgets. The Centre opened in December 2003, and the Scottish Government has provided £1.7 million each financial year since then.

In addition, the Reducing Reoffending Change Fund, supported by the Scottish Government and other funding partners (the Scottish Government has contributed £7.5 million over 2012-17), has issued grant funding to support a third sector-led mentoring service for women with convictions, both in the community and on release from custody. The Shine PSP for women offenders received £1.1 million in 2013-14, and £1.4 million in 2014-15, 15-16 and 16-17.

In addition to the funding listed above, a further £860k (2015-16) and £1.5 million (2016-17) has been distributed equally amongst the eight Community Justice Authorities (CJAs), to support increasing the use of diversion and supervised bail for women.







Women’s Services Development officer





Glen Isla outreach project





Kilmarnock Court Support project





Women Offender Groupwork project





CJSW Women Offenders Team





Women’s Services Centre





Groupwork/Outdoor work project





Outreach project




Falkirk & Forth Valley

Women Offender support network




North Lanarkshire

CJSW Women Offenders Team





North Strathclyde


Renfrewshire CJSW Womens’ Service







South Lanarkshire

CJSW Women Offenders Team




South West Scotland

Early & Effective Intervention project




Northern CJA

Women Offender services research





Enhanced Diversion project




The table below provides an overview of the projects for women offenders funded directly by Scottish Government between 2013-2016 (Not including Community Justice Centres):

These grants were agreed as one-off payments, where ongoing services would be sustained by local resources at the conclusion of the grant funding.

In 2013-14 and 2014-15, in response to the recommendations of the Commission on Women Offenders, the Scottish Government allocated grant funding totalling £3.2 million to support the development of specific projects providing community justice services for women. These grants were made in response to proposals submitted by local community justice bodies which they considered would meet the needs of women in the local population. Of the total funding provided £1.5 million was invested in Women’s Community Justice Centres, and £1.7 million in wider community justice projects for women. A further £640k was provided in 2015-16 to a number of these projects (and Centres) which requested additional support. This included £230k for the Community Justice Centres, and £410k for the wider community justice projects.

In line with our commitment to improve support for women offenders, between 2013-17, the Scottish Government has provided development funding to assist local partners to enhance the delivery of community justice services for women.