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Chamber and committees

What was said in Parliament

What was said in the Parliament is the Official Report covering each item of business taken in the Chamber by debate, motion or question time.

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Meeting date: 24 February 2021

Prisoner Voting

Featuring: Lewis Macdonald, Liam Kerr, Tom Arthur, Michael Russell, Liz Smith, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Rhoda Grant, Liam McArthur, John Finnie, Rona Mackay, James Kelly, Fulton MacGregor, Alex Rowley

Meeting date: 18 February 2021

Citizens Assembly of Scotland (Report)

Featuring: Linda Fabiani, Michael Russell, Dean Lockhart, Anas Sarwar, Patrick Harvie, Liam McArthur, Shona Robison, Jamie Halcro Johnston

Meeting date: 11 February 2021

Coronavirus Acts Report

Featuring: Ken Macintosh, Michael Russell, Donald Cameron, Anas Sarwar, Annabelle Ewing, Brian Whittle, Gil Paterson, Pauline McNeill, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Alison Johnstone, Fulton MacGregor, Maurice Corry, Stuart McMillan

Meeting date: 3 February 2021

Parliamentary Bureau Motions

Featuring: Ken Macintosh, Michelle Ballantyne, Michael Russell, Beatrice Wishart, Maree Todd, Graeme Dey

Meeting date: 3 February 2021


Featuring: Lewis Macdonald, Michael Russell, Dean Lockhart, Anas Sarwar, Joan McAlpine, Liz Smith, Annabelle Ewing, David Stewart, Ross Greer, Willie Rennie, Ruth Maguire, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Tom Arthur, James Kelly, John Mason, Peter Chapman, Clare Adamson

Meeting date: 27 January 2021

Prioritising Covid-19 Vaccination and Economic Recovery

Featuring: Lewis Macdonald, Donald Cameron, Michael Russell, Mike Rumbles, Monica Lennon, Willie Rennie, Mairi Gougeon, Patrick Harvie, Brian Whittle, Shona Robison, Alex Rowley, Stuart McMillan, Linda Fabiani, Rachael Hamilton, Emma Harper, George Adam, Neil Findlay, Richard Lyle, Anas Sarwar, Dean Lockhart, Jamie Halcro Johnston

Meeting date: 27 January 2021

Portfolio Question Time

Featuring: Christine Grahame, James Dornan, Graeme Dey, Colin Beattie, Michael Russell, Liam McArthur, Sandra White, Gillian Martin, Dean Lockhart, Linda Fabiani, Bob Doris, Jenny Gilruth, Beatrice Wishart, Rachael Hamilton, Gil Paterson, Fiona Hyslop, Emma Harper, Maurice Golden, Daniel Johnson, Jamie Hepburn, Mark Griffin, Alex Rowley, Finlay Carson, Maurice Corry, Bruce Crawford, Johann Lamont, John Swinney, Jamie Greene, Keith Brown, Claire Baker, Lewis Macdonald, Brian Whittle, Iain Gray, Edward Mountain, Maree Todd, Claudia Beamish, Alasdair Allan, Alexander Burnett, Neil Findlay

Meeting date: 30 December 2020

Trade and Co-operation Agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union

Featuring: Ken Macintosh, Nicola Sturgeon, Mike Rumbles, Dean Lockhart, Ruth Davidson, Richard Leonard, Liz Smith, Joan McAlpine, Patrick Harvie, Willie Rennie, Bruce Crawford, Liam Kerr, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Clare Adamson, Claire Baker, Kenneth Gibson, Alex Rowley, Stewart Stevenson, Graham Simpson, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Ross Greer, Anas Sarwar, Stuart McMillan, Michael Russell, Fiona Hyslop, Aileen Campbell

Meeting date: 23 December 2020


Featuring: Linda Fabiani, Michael Russell, Dean Lockhart, Anas Sarwar, Joan McAlpine, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Annabelle Ewing, Stuart McMillan, Willie Rennie, Ross Greer, Maureen Watt, Pauline McNeill, Peter Chapman, Kenneth Gibson

Meeting date: 22 December 2020

UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Bill

Featuring: Christine Grahame, Michael Russell, Dean Lockhart, Anas Sarwar, Mark Ruskell, Liam McArthur, Claudia Beamish, Alex Rowley, Liz Smith, Patrick Harvie, John Scott