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Chamber and committees

Motion ref. S5M-22817

Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform

Submitted by: Neil Findlay, Lothian, Scottish Labour.
Date lodged: Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Current status: Has not yet achieved cross-party support

That the Parliament notes the recent recommendations made by the Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform (LCDPR); considers that these recommendations are vitally important as Scotland and the UK face a reported rising number of drug-related deaths; believes that the current drugs policy is not working and that the "war on drugs" has failed; further believes that there must be a shift in approach, from a justice-based approach to a health-based approach, if progress is to be made in reducing the harm that drugs have on people and communities; understands that, in addition to this, the LCDPR has recommended that the expansion of the harm reduction measures that aim to reduce drug-related deaths are supported, that investment is needed in treatment and recovery services that help people overcome addiction, that an expansion of research programmes into medicines derived from controlled drugs and reviewed drug scheduling is required, that police schemes that divert people found in personal possession of drugs out of the criminal justice system should be backed, that investment is needed for schemes and services to address the social circumstances that lead young people to become involved in illegal drug markets, and that there is serious engagement with worldwide discussions regarding the regulation of currently illegal drug markets, including drawing upon the evidence base from North and Latin American countries to explore the potential of regulating the cannabis market in the UK; considers that drug policy requires drastic change, and urges the Scottish Government to implement these recommendations where it has the power to do so.