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Chamber and committees

Motion ref. S5M-22332

Action Needed to Improve Bladder Cancer Outcomes

Submitted by: Miles Briggs, Lothian, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.
Date lodged: Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Supported by: Jeremy Balfour, Michelle Ballantyne, Claudia Beamish, Neil Bibby, Bill Bowman, Alexander Burnett, Donald Cameron, Jackson Carlaw, Peter Chapman, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Angela Constance, Bruce Crawford, Iain Gray, Alison Harris, Liam Kerr, Johann Lamont, Monica Lennon, Gordon Lindhurst, Lewis Macdonald, Jenny Marra, Liam McArthur, Mark McDonald, Margaret Mitchell, Edward Mountain, Oliver Mundell, Willie Rennie, Alex Rowley, Anas Sarwar, John Scott, Elaine Smith, Liz Smith, Colin Smyth, Alexander Stewart, Annie Wells, Brian Whittle

That the Parliament notes that the Quality Performance Indicator Programme shows that 4,246 people were diagnosed with bladder cancer between 2014 and 2017, 30% of whom were female; understands that the condition was not listed as one of those to be focused on in the previous Detect Cancer Early Programme; is concerned that bladder cancer numbers in Scotland are disproportionately high relative to the rest of the UK and that late diagnosis, especially in women, leads to poorer outcomes; understands that there have been no significant improvements in survival rates in the last 10 years and that research funding is low compared to other cancers; notes calls for a new national campaign to raise awareness among medical professionals, workplaces and the general public of the condition and its symptoms and main risk factors  in order to boost early detection and treatment and to tackle the perception that this cancer is only found in older people; commends the website,  which it hopes many people will access for information, and urges the Scottish Government to work closely with Fight Bladder Cancer UK and the soon-to-be-formed Fight Bladder Cancer (Scotland), and world-class urologists and bladder cancer experts such as Param Mariappan of NHS Lothian, people living with the condition and all other stakeholders to increase awareness of bladder cancer and ensure that positive progress is made in increasing early diagnosis and improving outcomes and survival rates.