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About the Scottish Parliament

New suppliers

Find out about supply opportunities and how we manage our contracts.


Finding supply opportunities in the Scottish public sector

Contracts over £50,000

All Scottish public sector organisations advertise procurement opportunities on Public Contracts Scotland (PCS). Any opportunities in the Scottish Parliament valued at over £50,000 will be advertised through PCS.

Register as a supplier on PCS

Contracts over the EU tender threshold are advertised on PCS and the Official Journal of the EU (OJEU).

Learn about EU tender thresholds on OJEU

Contracts under £50,000

A minimum of 3 suppliers are invited to provide a quotation for Scottish Parliament contracts valued at under £50,000.

We do not operate approved supplier lists, so registering on PCS is the best way to get involved in our procurements.

Potential future contract opportunities

All Scottish Parliament contracting opportunities will be advertised on PCS.  Potential future contract opportunities will be updated quarterly. Our requirements may change and start dates cannot be guaranteed.

October 2020 – December 2020

  • mail screening – to screen incoming physical mail to intercept potentially harmful contents
  • signage – supply of signage for the Holyrood building
  • electronic mail distribution – system to issue bulk emails
  • internal audit – to provide qualified auditors
  • knife proof vests – supply of protective clothing for security staff
  • sign language interpretation – to provide sign language interpretation for the Scottish Parliament

January 2021 – March 2021

  • e – learning – supply of a learning management system
  • Braille and audio – to transcribe and print parliamentary publications in Braille, or to provide an audio recording of publications
  • independent assessors for officeholder recruitment – to assist with the recruitment of officeholders
  • chamber audio system – supply and install an audio system in the debating chamber
  • auditor for Audit Scotland – to provide qualified auditors to audit the accounts of Audit Scotland
  • gin for resale in shop – supply of Scottish Parliament labelled gin to sell in the Parliament shop

April 2021 – June 2021

  • digital engagement tools – provide an online tool to help the Parliament engage with the public
  • committee advisers – to provide specialist advice to Scottish Parliament Committees
  • wine for resale in shop – supply of Scottish Parliament labelled wine to sell in the Parliament shop

July 2021 – September 2021

  • broadcasting chamber equipment – supply of broadcasting equipment and infrastructure for the debating chamber
  • art installing, handling & transporting – to move, store and install artworks owned by or on loan to the Scottish Parliament
  • webcasting and streaming services – to host the Scottish Parliament website and provide the ability to stream parliamentary business
  • car with driver – service to provide transport and driver
  • exhibition design, build & maintenance – design, supply and maintenance of visitor exhibition materials