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About the Scottish Parliament

Parliamentary staff offices

Allowances Office

The Allowances Office manage the payment of travel and expenses for Members, their staff and Parliament staff such as:

  • overnight accommodation
  • travel expenses
  • MSP disability allowance
  • MSP staff costs
  • MSP office costs
  • when an MSP is leaving office (winding up costs)

Payments for Members and their staff are made through the Members' Expenses Scheme.

Learn more about the Members' expenses scheme

Broadcasting and Production Services Office

The Broadcasting Office is responsible for the Parliament's sound and video including:

  • supplying sound and video for television companies
  • providing Parliament with its sound and electronic-voting system
  • making videos to explain the work of the Parliament
  • running the Scottish Parliament TV website

Business Continuity Office

The Business Continuity Office help all areas of the Parliament think about the issues that might disrupt what they normally do. It then develops plans to deal with those disruptions when they occur.

Business Information Technology (BIT) Office

The BIT Office support the Parliament in its main building at Holyrood and in MSP offices across Scotland.

It provides:

  • technology to make parliamentary business work
  • IT support to MSPs, their staff and Parliament staff

Chamber Office

The Chamber Office:

  • support the Presiding Officers for all meetings of the Parliament
  • support debates and votes in the Chamber
  • processes parliamentary questions and motions
  • advise MSPs about the rules for motions and amendments

The Chamber Office is made up of 4 teams:

  • Chamber Desk - manage parliamentary questions, motions and amendments
  • Parliamentary Business Team - support business in the Chamber
  • Legislation Team - manage all parts of the Bill processes
  • Non-Government Bills Unit - manage proposals for Members' Bills and Committee Bills

Staff in the Chamber Office also provide support to the Parliamentary Bureau.

Clerk/ Chief Executive’s Office

The Chief Executive’s Office support the Clerk/Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive.

It also supports the:

  • Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB)
  • Leadership Group
  • Advisory Audit Board

The office is responsible for:

  • internal communications
  • supporting the SPCB in its role with parliamentary funded officeholders
  • electoral matters relating to the Parliament

Committee Office

The Committee Office support the committees and Conveners' Group (a group of all the committee conveners).

Committee Engagement Unit

The Committee Engagement Unit support people living in Scotland to:

  • get involved with the work of committees
  • share their views and experiences

Education Services Office

Education Services provide classroom sessions and resources about the Parliament to students in Scotland.

Events and Exhibitions Office

The Events and Exhibitions Office manage:

  • events and exhibitions in the Parliament
  • the Parliament's collection of contemporary art and crafts

Facilities Management Office

The Facilities Management Office manage and maintain the Parliament's accommodation and many of its services such as cleaning and catering.

It advises on:

  • health and safety
  • fire safety management
  • sustainable development
  • local office support

Finance Office

The Finance Office pay, manage and report on the Parliaments finances.

Gaelic Services Office

Gaelic Services promote the work of the Parliament and public engagement in Gaelic.

It develops and delivers the Parliament’s Gaelic Language Plan.

Read the Gaelic Language Plan

Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Office provide advice and services to MSPs and Parliament staff on:

  • recruitment
  • learning and development
  • policies
  • diversity, inclusion and wellbeing

Information Management and Governance Team

The Information Management and Governance team provide guidance and training in:

  • records management
  • information management
  • archiving
  • freedom of information
  • data protection
  • copyright
  • open data 

International Relations Office

The International Relations Office help the Parliament develop and strengthen its links with other:

  • parliaments
  • governments
  • international organisations

Legal Services Office

Solicitors in the Legal Services Office are the lawyers for the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB). They provide legal advice to:

  • committees
  • the Presiding Officers
  • the SPCB and all offices in the parliament
  • MSPs – subject to conditions set by the SPCB

Media Relations Office

The Media Relations Office promote the work of the Parliament and give journalists information about:

  • committees
  • Chamber business
  • the work of the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body
  • public engagement activities

Official Report Office

The Official Report Office prepare an almost word for word written record of everything said in public meetings of Parliament and committees.

Learn more about the Official Report

Office of the Deputy Chief Executive

The Office of the Deputy Chief Executive is responsible for several functions including:

  • strategy
  • planning
  • risk Management
  • project and portfolio management
  • corporate reporting
  • audit

Office of the Presiding Officer

The Office of the Presiding Officer provide advice and support to the Presiding Officer and Deputy Presiding Officers.

Pay and Pensions Office

The Pay and Pensions Office provide payroll and pension administration to:

  • MSPs
  • MSP staff
  • parliament staff
  • Officeholders

Procurement Office

The Procurement Office source and procure goods and services for the Parliament.

Public Information and Resources Office

The Public Information and Resources Office:

  • respond to public enquiries
  • develop information resources
  • administer the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body complaints procedure
  • arrange for translations, interpretation and transcription to other formats and languages

Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe)

SPICe provide MSPs, MSP staff and Parliament staff with:

  • facts, analysis and briefings
  • a research and enquiry service
  • impartial knowledge
  • news and current affairs
  • access to academic expertise

Security Office

The Security Office provide security for the Parliament building and the people who work in it. It protects:

  • MSPs, staff, contractors and members of the public
  • Parliament equipment and assets

It also helps make sure business runs smoothly and people who want to visit the Parliament are safe.

Visitor Services Office

The Visitor Services Office provide:

  • tickets for public galleries in the Chamber and committee rooms
  • accessible support and facilities for visitors
  • guided tours and short talks

It also runs the Parliament gift shop.

Web and Social Media Office

The Web and Social Media Office promote the work of the Parliament and support public engagement online.

It manages the Parliament’s:

  • websites
  • social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter
  • digital consultation tools
  • digital campaigns

It also:

  • produces videos, short interviews and podcasts
  • trains and supports staff
  • provides social media advice to MSPs and their staff

Scottish Parliament social media channels

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